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You can find here references to my publications in informatics from the sixties and seventies of last century, so they are nearly antiquities ! More recent publications from the nineties in Celestial Mechanics and on AMSAT P3 mission analysis are listed here (some are directly available).

Together with my son Klaus OE1KIB/KG4AKD/ex7J1BBB I own a shack and you can have a look at the shack and the antennas. Further details of the satellite ground station can be viewed. Other home-built equipement is a 1.23 Mbps BPSK modem (design by S53MV).

For information collected from NORAD and telemetry please check AO-40 data diagrams and AO-40 diagrams (part 2) (Details of change of Mean-Motion in 2004). For a few sounds from UO-11 on 2401.5 MHz UO-11 on S-band. Details of K-band experiments and FEC telemetry testing are provided.

Other activities are supporting the development and operation of the Vienna MOST Groundstation at the Observatory of the Vienna University.

First steps towards a Phase 5A mission analysis are presented in "From GTO to Mars".

Details of the reception of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter over a distance of 14 million km on September 22, 2005, are available in "MRO rx report".

Reception reports of the triple cubesat of the University of Delft, started on April 27, 2008 are shown in "Delfi-C3 telemetry spectrograms".

Reception of voices and SSTV pictures from ISS "ISS reception".

Updated: 2008-10-30

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